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Credit Service Company has a powerful, easy way to rapid rescore your clients with our Rapid Resolve tool. Give your client a confident solution with our built in credit analyzer and What if Simulator that can inform you on how to increase credit scores step by step.

Our mortgage credit reports and products are accepted by Fannie Mae, Fredie Mac and national lenders.

Plus we integrate with multiple LOS systems such as:
Calyx Point, Encompass, Contour, Byte and more.

Why Choose Credit Service Company?

Member of the National Credit Reporting Association, Inc.

Credit Service Company has been providing Residential Mortgage Credit Reports to the mortgage industry since July 1, 1963, making us one of the oldest credit reporting services in the nation.

There are many reasons, but paramount is in our name - SERVICE. Our employees are among the most knowledgeable in the industry, and give personalized attention to every detail. Our customer service department is unmatched in the credit reporting field. Your needs will be met within the most reasonable time possible in a courteous and professional manner. You will find it not only efficient to work with the employees at Credit Service Company, but refreshing as well. We pride ourselves on courtesy, professionalism, knowledge of the industry and efficiency.

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Our computer technology is the most advanced in the industry. Using state of the art merged logic, our system can provide you with the most accurate and up-to-date information available on your clients. We have eliminated the need for software installation by using our direct access with your web browser through the Internet. All features are available through our Website including ordering merged infiles and RMCR's; Loan Origination software interfaces; requesting supplements or retypes; access billing for your account; individual charge card payments on-line; printing of Score Disclosures for the consumer; "un-merging" of files, including bureaus and/or borrower or co-borrower; and automated underwriting through Fannie Mae's Desktop Underwriter/Desktop Originator via the Mornet Plus network.



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Rapid Resolve

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  • Immediate Access – No waiting for approval. No documentation necessary
  • No Formal Approval Process
  • No Sign-Up Fees
  • No On-Site Physical Inspection
  • Custom Leasing Recommendation
  • Smart Move Credit Report
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Eviction Check


Our Commitment to you

Credit Service Company provides you with the tools you need giving you a cutting edge advantage for all your credit reporting needs. The versatility of our product; stability of our certified, secure system; simplicity of use; and customer support will give you the opportunity to streamline your processing time to meet maximum efficiency. We proudly offer a variety of products to meet your needs

Credit Reports Merged In-file Reports (Prequals)
Credit Reports RMCR's (Residential Mortgage Credit Reports)
Credit Reports Supplemental Reports tradeline updating
Credit Reports Streamline Reports (Mortgage Track)
Credit Reports Employment Verification
Credit Reports Landlord Rating
Credit Reports Rapid Resolve - 72-hour update of FICO score(s)
Credit Reports Business Credit Reports
Credit Reports Superior 24 Hour Customer Service
Credit Reports On-line Billing and Payment

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